iATS Complaints Procedure

iATS operates a transparent Complaints Procedure for those who wish to lodge a complaint about any member organisation or any individual tester, or indeed against the iATS scheme itself. iATS welcomes complaints as a potential opportunity to improve standards across the industry and to eliminate bad practice.

The complaints procedure covers not only those complaints relating to the activity of checking for non-compliance with the Building Regulations, but also other types of complaints from customers (and members) relating to the scheme (e.g. complaints relating to negligence, incompetence or dishonesty on the part of the member and/or their testers).

Summary of Complaints Process

In the first instance please lodge your complaint in writing to

You will received an acknowledgement within 1 working day.

The Scheme Manager will initially assess your complaint and may request further information from you or from the complainee. On summarising the substance and evidence supporting the complaint, the Scheme Manager will consult with the technical committee as required. Further investigation may be undertaken by the technical committee if required.

A decision will be reached on whether the complaint is to be upheld or not. A proposed course of action will be agreed between the Scheme Manager and the technical committee and this will be written up and provided to the Directors for a decision.

The Scheme will write to the complainee and, if appropriate, the complainant once a decision has been made, advising them that a decision has been reached, and if appropriate what that decision is.

The complainee will have the opportunity to appeal any decision to, or ultimately to DCLG if they are not satisfied with the response from iATS.